Short-term dynamic sexual exploration

For those uninterested in committing to an ongoing process, or unable to do so, I offer a short-term treatment that may be useful. It’s not a substitute for therapy. It’s more like a concentrated taste of what long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy has to offer.

Together, we will use your sexual fantasies, history, and behavior to give us quick, deep access to your unconscious fears, wishes, and anxieties. Our sessions will be more “interview” than “therapy.” 

You might find this useful if:

  • You struggle with unwelcome relationship or career patterns of behavior
  • You long for, but struggle to attain, connection
  • You feel shame about your desires or behaviors
  • You struggle to control your desires or behaviors

Many people in ongoing treatments find work such as this adjunctively helpful, and many of those not in treatment often find it interesting or helpful – and, unlike much therapy, this project tends to be fun as well as fascinating. It is not, however, a substitute for real therapy: insight is great; change often is harder. I don’t make any promises about what you will be able to accomplish with the insights we generate together, but I do promise they’ll be interesting.

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