My fee

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Setting the fee is an important part of our work together. 

Early on, I’ll tell you my fee, and you will react. Perhaps it will seem reasonable, or manageable. Or you’ll be pleasantly surprised at its affordability. Or you’ll be outraged by how unaffordable it is. Or you’ll feel torn. 

One thing is certain: you’ll have a reaction. And that reaction itself will become part of our relationship, and our work together. It will help me learn about you – about the ways the world feels to you. Perhaps we’ll agree that we should work together at a rate different than my full fee – lower or higher. I feel strongly that you should pay a fee that both feels manageable to you and allows me to make a reasonable income. 

I’m not on any insurance panels; I don’t accept insurance. I do provide statements suitable to claim out-of-network insurance benefits (see here for more details on this). If we were to allow an insurance company to set our fee, we would lose out on all the information about your experience of the world this fee-setting process can provide. We would subject you and me both to a “one-size-fits-all” model of a highly individualized process. Insurance companies allow no flexibility with fee-setting. If I were to join an insurance panel, I would agree to see any patient with that insurance for the same fee, and I would give up the flexibility to arrive at the right fee for you, with you.

Click here for information about using out-of-network benefits to help pay for therapy.