I’m very interested in gender, sex and sexuality, because gender and sex both are highly personal aspects of ourselves and a crucial way in which we present ourselves to and connect with others.

I’m interested in your sexual history, your sexual relationships, your sexual encounters, the role sex plays in your real life and your fantasy life, and how you understand and relate to your sexual desires and appetites.

I will never intrude on you, never push you to talk about anything you don’t want to discuss, but I believe that talking about sex often is an extremely useful path to insight about ourselves and many of the problems we face.

I strive to create an atmosphere in which it feels safe to talk about sex. I do this for all patients, whether they are comfortable talking about sex or not; for people approaching sex from a vantage point of shame and for those who are sex-positive, kinky, polyamorous, or just about anything else; and for people for whom sex is an addictive, compulsive burden, for those for whom it is a source of sadness and frustration, and for those for whom it is a source of pure joy.

Let’s talk about sex.

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