What scares you?

People? Experiences? Feelings?

Danger? Safety?

Boredom? Being busy?

Physical peril? Emotional peril?

Your past? Your present? Your future?

Other people’s judgments of you? Your own judgment of yourself?

And when you’re scared, what happens? Do you run? Freeze? Fight?

Does your pulse race? Your breath quicken? Your muscles tighten?

Do you watch TV? Listen to music? Engage in physical activity? Exercise? Work out? Look at porn? Have sex?

Do you court fear? Avoid it?

Does it prevent you from accomplishing things? Spur you to action?

Does it turn you on? Turn you off? Make you hungry?

Do you isolate? Turn to others?

How does it pass? How long does it last? What makes it recede? (Does it ever recede?)

I’m curious.

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